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A proactive approach to building Board diversity

The business case for building diversity on Boards is clear: diverse Boards mean better performance.

But sometimes it is easier said than done. Securing Board appointees who are younger, female or from multicultural backgrounds takes expertise and focus.

Listed companies in Australia are now obliged to disclose their diversity strategies - or explain themselves if they don’t have any - and the demand for qualified directors from diverse backgrounds is also strong across New Zealand. All employers, even non-ASX organisations, are now much more focused on Board and leadership diversity.

It is time to take a more proactive approach to meeting that need. The FutureBoards Practice, our new Board Search practice, is unique in the industry.

We are continually developing a pipeline of diverse Board ‘ready’ candidates from Australia and New Zealand by building on our:

  • extensive networks and databases
  • cross-sector expertise, and
  • proven track record in diversity.
For our clients, that means we provide shortlists that reflect a deeper, more diverse and genuinely fresh pool of emerging Board talent.

The Search professionals within the FutureBoards Practice can provide a fast turnaround on candidate prospect lists, qualifying interest and availability, and negotiating on appointments.

Jo Fisher is the founder and Managing Director of Jo Fisher Executive Search and FutureBoards. Jo is one of Australia’s most experienced and respected executive search professionals, having assisted Boards and CEOs with director and senior level appointments across industry, government, education, healthcare and non-profit sectors over the past 15 years. Jo’s personal network of leaders and professionals and long time Board Director contribution, are an invaluable asset to Boards seeking a fresh approach to diversity and experience.
Liz Jones is a highly experienced executive search professional with more than 20 years experience appointing high-calibre, up-and-coming talent to senior roles in national and global organisations. Liz’s networks of younger executives and board member prospects and her ability to professionally assess and recommend the right candidates, brings new options for Board appointments.
Kathy Kane leads our New Zealand Board practice, following a career as a senior executive in the health and education sectors. Throughout her career, Kathy has worked closely with Boards and individual directors and non-executive directors through coaching and mentoring as well as transformational change and leadership development.